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Level 3

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Location: London


Aimed at:

This is a specialised tea course aimed at amateurs and tea professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of tea into their areas of interest within the tea world.

Are there any entry requirements?
Each participant must have visited at least one tea-growing country and have advanced knowledge of the cultivation and manufacture of tea.

There is no time limit to complete this Level 3 tea course

Course objectives:


Tea Master Level 3 provides and guides enthusiasts and tea professionals to the highest level of tea knowledge. These tea courses focus on áreas of expertise and offer you the opportunity to select them based on your personal or business interests. UKTA aims to guide each Tea Master trainee on their individual journey of discovery through the tea world.


What will you learn?

All participants who wish to qualify as a Tea Master must complete the 8 compulsory core modules (see below) plus 4 additional modules selected from the list of elective modules (see below). Each module must be booked separately according to availability: 


Core Modules
  • Chinese Tea Masterclass

  • Japanese Tea Masterclass

  • Taiwanese Tea Masterclass

  • Indian Tea Masterclass

  • Ceylon Tea Masterclass 

  • Nepalese, Thai and Vietnamese Tea Masterclass 

  • Advanced Tasting Skills 

  • Tea Science and Health 

Electives Modules
  • Dark teas Masterclass 

  • Korean Tea Masterclass

  • African Tea Masterclass

  • Emerging tea producing regions

  • The tea plant and the cultivation of tea

  • World tea history

  • The History of tea drinking in Britain and afternoon tea

  • The ethics and logistics of the tea trade

  • Tea and Mixology

  • Tea rituals around the world

  • Tea Manufacture

  • Chinese Tea Ritual 

  • Japanese Tea Ritual 


It will be held once the participant has completed the 12 required modules of specialised tea courses. It consists of the following assignments: 

  • A 4000-word essay on a requested query from the core modules

  • A 2000-word essay on a requested query from the selected elective modules

  • A 4000-word thesis on a chosen subject

These three assignments should be carried out within a period of 6 months.

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