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curso de té Tea Champion


Level 1



Barcelona 7 - 8 Oct 2023

Madrid 28-29 Oct 2023

Are there any entry requirements?


This tea foundation course is one of the specialised tea courses offered at the Tea Academy Spain in Madrid and it is open to everyone with no prior knowledge. Aimed at tea lovers, tea enthusiasts and tea professionals who work at the HORECA sector (tea shops, cafés, baristas, restaurants, hotels, cooking schools, food bloggers, etc.) and anyone who has an interest in this fascinating drink.


The students will be tasting 35 different teas


Course goals:


This tea course is designed both to understand and enjoy more and better the unknown world of tea while becoming a tea professional. 
Becoming a Tea Champion Level 1 by the prestigious UK Tea Academy is the first step to developing a broad knowledge and understanding of the fascinating world of tea as well as its organoleptic appreciation.
After passing the Tea Champion test at the end of this course, students will qualify to attend our Tea Sommelier course for further in-depth training


What will you learn?

  • Tasting and assessment of 40 teas from around the world

  • An insight into the history of tea, the plant, and harvesting the leaves

  • Learn the stories and trends behind different types of tea

  • Tea terminology

  • Find out the difference in tea manufacturing methods for the 6 categories of tea

  • Explore tea production and culture in the major producing countries

  •  Golden rules of tea storage and brewing

  • An expert's guide to tasting and recognizing teas

  • How to approach the challenges of brewing and serving a variety of teas

  • A basic introduction to blending

  • Caffeine, L-theanine, and tea’s perceived health benefits


Module 1
  • Tea history and culture, what tea is and its origin

  • How tea spread from China to other countries

  • The arrival of tea in Europe

  • The first tea plantations in India and Ceylon

  • The tea bag and the expansion of the tea industry in the 1950s

  • Tea trends

  • The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis: varietals and cultivars

  • Seasonality of tea and its harvests

  • Six different categories of tea. Why are all teas different?

  • Golden rules for the storage and preparation of tea. Different methods

  • Water, a key element.

Module 2
  • Practising how to prepare a cup of tea

  • Tea manufacturing process terminology

  • Different levels of oxidation in the different categories of tea

  • Black tea manufacturing process

  • Orthodox method and CTC

  • Tasting of 5 black teas of different origins

  • Green tea manufacturing process

  • Tasting of 5 green teas of different origins

Module 3
  • Yellow tea manufacturing process

  • Tasting yellow tea

  • White tea manufacturing process

  • Tasting of 3 white teas of different origins

  • Oolong tea manufacturing process, High and low oxidation

  • Tasting of 3 types of oolong tea.

  • Fermented teas manufacturing process

  • Tasting of 4 fermented teas

  • Blind tea tasting and identification of teas from different origins

Module 4
  • Tea terminology

  • Flavoured teas

  • Tasting of 4 flavoured teas

  • Blooming teas

  • Tasting blooming tea

  • Single Origin, Single Estate and tea blends of different origins

  • How to create a tea blend 

  • Tea Certifications: organic, biodynamic // Fairtrade, ETP, etc.

  • Health benefits from tea


The Tea Champion Test will be taken at the end of the course and takes around 30 minutes. Anyone wishing to take it at a later date may do so by arrangement with Academy tutors.

Accreditation is awarded to delegates that achieve 75% and above in our Multiple Choice Exam Paper. The examination can only be undertaken after you have completed 14 hours of classroom study with the UK Tea Academy.

Upon completion of all four modules and the achievement of satisfactory results in the test, participants will be awarded the qualification of UK Tea Academy: TEA CHAMPION

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