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The UK Tea Academy (UKTA) was founded with the aim of helping professionals in the hospitality sector - hotels, restaurants, and catering (HORECA) - and tea lovers in general to appreciate and recognise high-quality tea. Interest in specialty tea has grown internationally over the past decade. The end consumer has begun to appreciate both, its variety and its health benefits, and, therefore, demanding for a higher quality.  The HORECA sector is reacting to this by increasing the demand for quality teas. At the same time, that implies an improvement in the tea service after training their employees. 

The UKTA is the only body offering a professional tea certification programme in the UK. It is recognised as a leader in tea training for consumers and professionals alike. A UKTA certificate demonstrates that its holder has a qualification level that exceeds the highest standards in the HORECA sector. Tea enthusiasts and tea professionals regularly attend UKTA courses from all around the world to expand their tea knowledge and network internationally. Hotels 5*, Twinings, and Fortnum & Mason are among the many customers who rely on the seriousness and rigour of the school. All UKTA courses have been created and are led by Jane Pettigrew, an internationally recognised tea expert.

The UKTA offers courses from foundation to advanced levels:
Tea Champion – Level 1
Tea Sommelier – Level 2
Tea Master – Level 3


UKTA courses are increasingly being requested internationally. UKTA headquarters are located in the heart of London, Southbank (in one of the most creative and vibrant areas of the city at the footstep of the Tate Modern Museum, an icon of London). The UKTA has franchises in Japan, South Korea, Italy, Scotland, and Germany. Now, its franchise in Spain, The Tea Academy Spain, is open. The contents of the training programme and certifications granted by the Tea Academy Spain are the same as The UK Tea Academy London and are accredited by The UK Tea Academy London. 

Upon completion of the exam in Spanish, The UKTA will grant a certificate in English with international validity.

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