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Barcelona 7 - 8 Oct 2023

Madrid 28-29 Oct 2023

Are there any entry requirements?


This tea foundation course is one of the specialised tea courses offered at the Tea Academy Spain in Madrid and it is open to everyone with no prior knowledge. Aimed at tea lovers, tea enthusiasts and tea professionals who work in the HORECA sector (tea shops, cafés, baristas, restaurants, hotels, cooking schools, food bloggers, etc.) and anyone who has an interest in this fascinating drink.


Course goals:


This tea course is designed both to understand and enjoy more and better the unknown world of tea while becoming a tea professional. 
Becoming a Tea Champion Level 1 by the prestigious UK Tea Academy is the first step to developing a broad knowledge and understanding of the fascinating world of tea as well as its organoleptic appreciation.
After passing the Tea Champion test at the end of this course, students will qualify to attend our Tea Sommelier course for further in-depth training


What will you learn?

  • Tasting and assessment of 35 teas from around the world

  • An insight into the history of tea, the plant, and harvesting the leaves

  • Learn the stories and trends behind different types of tea

  • Tea terminology

  • Find out the difference in tea manufacturing methods for the 6 categories of tea

  • Explore tea production and culture in the major producing countries

  •  Golden rules of tea storage and brewing

  • An expert's guide to tasting and recognizing teas

  • How to approach the challenges of brewing and serving a variety of teas

  • A basic introduction to blending

  • Caffeine, L-theanine, and tea’s perceived health benefits


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