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Date: Bookings by appointment only
Total Hours: 4 hour-course held on site
Location: Spain, either (in-house training) or at our classroom at Tea Academy Spain in Madrid.

Aimed at: 

Tea courses for amateurs, individuals and HORECA tea professionals, tea shops, cafes and baristas, restaurants, hotels, food bloggers, cooking schools, etc. It is an intensive four-hour course designed primarily for tea professionals looking to offer the customer a complete and personalised sensory experience in tea service. 

Especially designed for 4* – 5* hotels with the aim of enriching and strengthening the knowledge of its workers in this fashionable beverage and in return making their businesses more attractive, specialised and competitive.


What will you learn:

  • The origin of the tea plant, its main varieties, and the most important producing regions in the world

  • The different types of tea and what makes them different – tea manufacturing

  • Rare teas vs blended teas – loose leaf vs tea bags – flavoured teas and herbal infusions

  • The teas on the menú – which teas are from which category (including any flavoured teas)

  • Sensory evaluation of each tea on the menú – how to describe and recommend to customers

  • All about perfect brewing

  • Caffeine, L-theanine and tea’s perceived health benefits

  • Answering customers’ questions


At the end of the session, after a final questionnaire, all participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance, awarded by the UK TEA Academy.


Contact us to find out our tailor-made rates

Discount for further training:

10% discount when booking your place on the Tea Champion course. This is a special discount for all those trainees who have attended our tailor-made courses and wish to continue learning with us.

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